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Slow Poison: Junk Food vs Healthy Food

An Arabian adage, the best food is whatever fills the belly should honestly be placed under scrutiny. Food, a necessity in man’s life, has become a trending topic of discussion in modern man’s lifestyle. Well, the question is what is healthy living? How does one develop healthy eating habits? The simple truth is that, popping into one of the fast food joints for a simple meal of French fries, or passing by a coffee joint for some sugary creamy coffee or drinking a cold soda on a hot afternoon could potentially prove harmful for your health!

Nutrition is essential for every man’s life. A proven fact is that many health complications can be prevented with a healthy diet. A poor diet may be catastrophic resulting in deficiency diseases e.g. scurvy, or other health threatening conditions such as obesity as well as causing chronic systemic diseases such as diabetes. What then is a healthy diet? A healthy diet comprises a balanced diet meal: vegetables, healthy protein, fruits, whole grain and water, far way better compared to junk food.

Junk food vs healthy food. Junk food, an emerging trend in society today, has been the major challenge posed on healthy living. Junk food generally describes food of low nutritional value, high in fat, sugars, salt and calories. Foods commonly deemed junk include gum, candy, salted snack foods, fried fast foods, and sugary carbonated drinks. Junk food has overthrown healthy food mostly in urban areas, and mostly among the young generation, since it’s often considered up to date. They are tastier and attract a greater crave compared to healthy foods.

Consider this: does junk food really do any good? Yes, at the end of the day, you have satisfied taste buds and hunger pangs, but what are you risking?

Well consider these cons:

  • Junk foods are generally fatty, and will result to abnormal weight gain, resulting in health complications like obesity. High fat in your body results to agglutination, a condition where these oils gradually block your arteries, and thus limit free blood flow. This can be catastrophic and can lead to a heart attack and consequently death. This would have rarely been the case had one chosen healthy food.

  • Junk food has low fiber content, there by resulting in high cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

  • Pregnant mothers who consume junk food affect the development of their foetus. These foods might result to a stunted growth of foetus. If the mother is suffering from high blood pressure, high sodium content present in these junk foods will shoot up the mothers blood pressure which can be potentially dangerous to both beings.

On the other hand what are the pros of healthy food?

  • Healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, responsible for supply of energy requirements in the body, as well as control of cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

  • Proteins derived from meat and legumes, boosts brain functions. Deep frying (applied in junk foods) over cooks food killing all nutrients. Hence steamed or stir-fried food is therefore best for essential nutrients.

  • Healthy foods low levels of calories, and oils, and will therefore control your weight. At least you will be sure of your body mass index being 18 and 24, which is considered normal weight in the medical profession.

  • A good healthy and nutritional diet boosts your body immunity preventing all sorts of diseases that result from poor nutrition.

It is however important to note that junk foods do not pose any sudden health concerns. If part of a well-balanced diet, they can be safe rather than hazardous. Risk not your health anymore. Embrace healthy living.

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