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What is Personal and LifeCoaching?

What is Swedish Massage?

What is Personal and Life Coaching?

Personal and Life Coaching is a solution-focused partnership with a caring professional trained to support you to achieve amazing results based on agreed goals.

Some reasons you may want to work with a coach

  • I want my life to be less complicated

  • I have lost sight of what I want in life

  • I need clarity, purpose and direction

  • I have no self-confidence

  • I would like to stop rowing with my partner/family

  • I don’t know where to go from here

  • My children don’t respect me / take me for granted

  • I am stuck in a rut at work

  • I feel lonely and don’t know how to make new friends

  • I want to improve my image and be healthier

How you will benefit from coaching with me

You will gain fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities. With enhanced thinking and decision-making skills you will become more confident and effective. In a caring, non-judgemental way, you will be helped to overcome the old habits which are stopping you from moving forward.

What to expect from a session

The free introductory session will last about 45 minutes. If you decide to go ahead, in the next session you will identify your current challenges and together we’ll identify priorities for action and establish specific goals. The length of our working relationship usually lasts between 3 and 6 months depending on the frequency of the sessions. Weekly sessions are recommended.


Free introductory session. Further visits £55 (90 minutes). 10% off when booking 4 sessions in advance. Individually tailored packages can be arranged.

What is Swedish Massage?

It is a type of massage using a base oil to lubricate the body and specific techniques designed to relax muscles. It can also be called ‘holistic’ or ‘therapeutic’ massage

How does it work?

It works by applying pressure to muscles against deeper muscles and bones to break up lactic acid and other metabolic waste products. The movements used increase the blood-flow and release toxins from the muscles. It also stimulates the nervous system helping to gain more movement in particularly stiffened muscles.

What are the benefits?

Swedish massage is relaxing as well as invigorating affecting nerves, circulation and muscles while giving a sense of well being. It is useful, not only for the above benefits, but as a regular treatment for stress management

What to expect from a Swedish massage

After a consultation with your therapist you will lie on the couch, with most of your clothing removed. Large towels preserve your modesty throughout the treatment. Specific areas of your body are worked on with varying degrees of pressure, depending on your individual needs and preferences.

Personal and Life Coaching? Swedish Massage