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What is Reverse Therapy?

What is Hot Stone Therapy?

What is Reverse Therapy?

Reverse Therapy is based on the principle that the body’s natural intelligence, the ‘bodymind’, expresses itself through symptoms in order to warn, guide and protect the individual. It is an educational process that teaches how to eliminate symptoms by understanding and acting on ‘the message of the symptom’.

How does it work?

Exhaustion, pain and digestive problems arise when body systems struggle to keep in balance under environmental pressures. Reverse Therapy works by identifying and dealing with these pressures, so that symptoms fade and health returns

What conditions can Reverse Therapy help?

Reverse Therapy has been shown to be effective in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, M.E. and fibromyalgia with over 80% of clients achieving much reduced or no symptoms. It is also effective in irritable bowel syndrome, depression, anxiety and other conditions where pressures stop us listening to bodymind so that our lives get out of step with our needs.

What to expect

During a session we explore what is happening when symptoms arise so that the bodymind message can be expressed. You are taught how to work with this message and are supported in taking action to get your own needs met. Keeping a simple journal helps with learning to listen to bodymind and to follow progress.


Each session lasts one hour and costs £50. Sessions are usually 2-3 weeks apart and most clients need 6-8 sessions while some will take longer

What is Hot Stone Therapy?

Hot Stone Therapy is a kind of massage using hot, or sometimes cold, basalt stones.

How does it work?

The massage has a deeply therapeutic effect on the body and mind. The heat from the stones relaxes the muscles, easing tension. It can also bring relief to areas of chronic pain.

What to expect during a session

Each treatment is unique depending on the client’s needs. At the first session there will be a short consultation to assess any medical conditions you may have. During the massage you will be lying on the couch, with most of your clothing removed. Large towels preserve your modesty throughout the treatment. If you are unable to lie flat, your therapist will adapt her technique, for example by treating you in a sitting position.

How will you feel afterwards?

Hot Stone Therapy is calming and nurturing, yet it can be invigorating.

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